Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Forgive the urgency, but hurry up and wait.

Lately I find myself listening to a lot of country music. I asked myself about that tonight...and I think maybe it's because of the simplicity that most country songs carry with them.

Life's a dance you learn as you go...Jesus, take the wheel...Yeah we live out in the country and that's what it's all and me goin' fishin' in the dark...

Olivia and I are spending the weekend house-sitting at Mom and Charlie's this weekend, and I am really looking forward to having some alone time to think, write, read, reflect and sleep. And then, of course, to enjoy being the only one in the room with her and, thus, the sole object of her attention and affection. :) Don't get me wrong - I love having all of our friends and family so near to us, and my heart thrills every time she shows her affection for any one of them. But I also love it when it gets to be just me and her. Words really can't describe.

I think we will take our shoes off and dance to country music in the backyard.

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