Friday, February 26, 2010

A Week in the Life

The week began benignly enough. I set off Monday morning for an MRI and promptly discovered how much I hate sitting still. And having one of my extremities jammed into a ginormous magnet. Yeah. That too. You know, we could very easily avoid all this bad press from war torture tactics by shoving folks in an MRI machine instead. Seriously. If I'd had any secrets that would've gotten me out of that thing, I would've started talking about five minutes in. Alas, no amount of talking could save me from this experience. I wrapped up, went to work, and was met with the news that my sis would be going to the hospital that night to begin induction. Wahoo! Jellybean was officially on her way to meet us!

I arranged to have the next day off so I could be at the hospital with the fam. The story of my sweet little niece's arrival is not my story to tell, but suffice it to say that my sister did an amazing job of getting that baby here. She had some pretty decent help from her hubby and our mom, too. The newest addition to our ever-expanding extended family is definitely a joy. Chubby, sweet, pretty, and feeding like a champ!

I returned to work on Wednesday to meet with a couple vendor reps about work stuff. We met, lunched, met some more, and then we all met up for dinner. There was a gap in between leaving the office and going to dinner when I was able to go home and get ready. I did not want to speak a single word. I'd been "on" all day, and I was about to have to be back on, so I reveled in about 60 minutes of solid, quiet, alone time. And then 10 minutes of frantic getting ready and heading back into town for dinner. Two words: Ristorante Capeo. Okay, no, wait, three words: fried sage leaves. Who would have ever thought...

After Capeo, I met a friend of mine downtown, and we ended up at Stickyz, seeing Lucious. He played me some Sam Cooke. That was good. But perhaps I am a little too old to be out that late on a school night...

Fast forward to the next morning, and we hit the ground running. I took Livi to school and headed in to the office, but as I was driving, these waves of nausea started hitting me. I was in rush hour traffic, so lots of stop and go. I thought maybe I had just rushed around too much that morning and needed to get settled in and I'd be fine. Not so much. Then I thought - oh, I took my multivitamin on an empty stomach, that must be it. Nope. Not enough Diet Coke? Fat chance. This was good, old-fashioned achey-shakey nausea. Thankfully I'd saved some of the vendor/staff meetings for that day (did I mention I still had a vendor rep visiting my office?), so my team was able to handle most of the one-on-one while I spent the morning wishing I could find some non-drowsy Phenergan.

I finished the work day and headed straight to my mom's, where I immediately put on flannel pj's and crawled into bed. My daughter showed up about an hour later (thanks to Papa's Shuttle Service), and we managed to entertain each other until Mom got home and more or less took over. Thanks to Baba, some excellent comfort food (a la Gamps and Marie Callender), a cozy hearth room, and some Nyquil, I got some very decent sleep.

And woke up with tonsils the size of Texas. I actually think this may be the flu. So here it is, Friday night, and we're at home. My house is a disaster area, and I would really like for that to not be the case. But tomorrow is Saturday, and all I have planned is a hair appointment, so I'm gonna let the mopping and sweeping wait until tomorrow morning (not in that order). Livi and I had a good time tonight, and she was so sweet and cuddly. I can always tell when I've had us on the run too much because she comes home and just wants to be near me. And that is one of the best feelings ever. So I'll take that and some Theraflu, and I'll call it a night.