Saturday, April 23, 2011

Receive Your Sight

Get up. Walk in the way of forgiveness.
Walk in the way of life.
Walk in Light. Peace. Joy.
Walk as one who has been forgiven.

Get up.

And this is resurrection power. The faith act of leaving the tomb, of allowing the Life inside to carry me forward, of owning the victory already in hand. Of living as one who is alive, in whom death has been defeated. Over whom the power of sin has been broken and can reign no more.

Still I hide in the tomb. There is nothing for me there, but I pace stone floors connecting bare walls, staring at the gaping hole created for my glorious exit. I see things vibrant just beyond the entrance, but I shrink back. I cower in the corner. The Life within me pleads, Get up.

Unsteadily, I turn my eyes upward. Can I? Asked honest, bare. You have everything you need. Replied gentle, firm. I’m really going to need your help. With knowing where to begin…how. I am with you to the ends of the age; buckled belt of truth, shield of faith, Word sword and ready feet.

Ready, feet?

Get up.